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One of the most common types of trees, oak can be found pretty much anywhere. Although it doesn’t grow very tall, it can still get quite massive. It’s a very dense hardwood tree, so it burns for a very long time. Oak firewood is a popular choice for many people who use firewood for heat. The wood provides excellent heat for your home.


Hickory firewood is one of the top choices for many people and often thought of as the number one species for firewood. The tree can live for up to 300 years and grow up to 100 feet tall. Due to the dense fibers, hickory burns hot and stays burning a long time. Hickory is also a great smelling firewood.


Mesquite firewood burns hot, making it one of the top choices, along with oak, for those who want a fire that, if properly built, provides hours of warmth. Mesquite burns silently, with negligible popping, and creates a superb coal bed that stays hot for hours. The smoke from mesquite is light, clean and has a distinct smell, especially if the wood is green. Popular for cooking and as firewood.


Pecan wood does not produce as much heat as hardwoods such as Hickory or Oak. This makes pecan wood better for fires lit for aesthetic purposes, rather than fires that are lit in order to heat a large area. Pecan wood has a light pleasant odor. Because of its pleasant taste and odor, pecan wood is often used along with mesquite wood in smokers and backyard grills to lend flavor to meat.

N.M. PINE (New Mexico Pine)

Another softwood, pine makes a great fire-starter. Pine is also easy to light, burns for a good period of time and does not leave a lot of ash. New Mexico Pine is also a very popular choice for chimineas. Our New Mexico Pine Firewood is seasoned and ready to burn!


Another softwood, pine makes a great fire-starter. Pine is also easy to light, burns for a good period of time and does not leave a lot of ash. Pinion Pine is also a very popular choice for chimineas. Our Pinion Pine Firewood is seasoned and ready to burn!


Cedar firewood will start a clean-burning fire that produces a small amount of smoke. Cedar is very similar to Pinion Pine, it is a softwood, has a nice aroma, and is easy to light.


Cherry Firewood is a relatively low BTU hardwood that burns with medium heat. Cherry firewood burns well but not as long or hot as the more dense hardwoods like oak and hickory. Despite this it is usually well liked and makes good firewood for both cooking and fireplaces


Our mixed firewood give you the option of multiple firewoods. All of our firewood is available in a mixed variety in any of our cord sizes. Choose your best combination and we will be glad to get it ready for you.


Our bags offer a great resource for cooking and fire starters. Our bags can be filled with Oak, New Mexico Pine, Mesquite, Hickory or Pecan. A easy, clean way to keep a handy stock of small firewood around.


Need the perfect rack to store your firewood? We have got you covered. This is our 1/2 cord rack. A half cord rack will hold a very decent supply of firewood to get you through the cold season. We also have 1/4 cord racks.


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