0 – 30 miles – $103.5
30.1 – 30.9 miles – $170.78
40 – 54.9 miles – $207.00
55 – 70 miles – $217.35
70.1 – 100 miles – $248.40
100+ miles – $5.18 (per mile)

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Firewood in Lubbock, Texas

Freedom Firewood has firewood in Lubbock, Texas. Our veteran-owned company offers choice varieties of premium, fully seasoned, ready burn firewood. Freedom Firewood provides our clients with the options of Oak, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, New Mexico Pine, Pinion Pine and Mixed varieties of fully seasoned firewood. Freedom Firewood also provides our premium firewoods in every quantity range you need. Our firewood comes in one cord, half cord, quarter cord and apartment stack sizes. Need a bag of our premium firewood? We also offer the convenience of pre-bagged firewood. Firewood delivery services are also available from Freedom Firewood. We offer local and long distance delivery of our fully seasoned ready to burn firewoods.

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While our premium firewood company is located in Lubbock, Freedom Firewood also offers wood delivery. Freedom Firewood delivers all over Texas and New Mexico. All firewood is stacked neatly at your location. We never throw your firewood over the fence or leave a mess. Our delivery options vary based on your location. Interested in your specific delivery pricing? Options and prices are available at check-out or

Firewood in Texas & New Mexico

If you are wondering where to find firewood in Lubbock, get in touch with Freedom Firewood! We are the best firewood company in west Texas. Not only do we offer the best firewood in Lubbock, but we also offer the best customer service. Our team works hard to ensure that you get what you are looking for and that your firewood is delivered or ready for pickup in a timely manner with excellent service. We are a veteran owned and operated company, and we pride ourselves on serving our community. Freedom Firewood in Lubbock has all the firewood you could need, and we promise to ensure that you get the best product and best service.

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